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The Work

"If you can stand fully in your own unbelonging and become friendly with the terrors of loneliness and exclusion, you can no longer be governed by your avoidance of them. In other words, you are on your way home." Toko-Pa Turner

The three pillars I base my practice on are symbolic, somatic, and shamanic. By engaging the imagination through non-ordinary states of consciousness (shamanic) and tapping into our body's felt sense (somatic), we can strengthen and embody a more whole sense of self.  I use methods such as dreamwork, Carl Jung’s Active Imagination, and parts integration work grounded in modalities such as Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems model and Eugene Gendlin’s process of Inner-Relationship Focusing, among others, where symbol and metaphor (symbolic) are the psyche's language. All methods stem from a strength-based inclusive approach to decrease limiting beliefs and to live with more ease and awareness.

In my research work and in my practice I pay close attention to how the experience with what is unknown effects our wellbeing. Our time together will include curiosity, compassion, reflection, and conscious witnessing so you feel seen and heard and can tap into insightful presence. When you, and all your parts are ready, we will drop into meditative states through exercises designed to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness to access those deeper and sometimes scared, lost, or conflicted parts of the self in need of integration.

While having our best interests in mind our protective parts don’t always make the best decisions or have the healthiest coping strategies. By unblending (separating from), and dialoging with what was previously unconscious, we can choose better coping mechanisms and be less reactive and more proactive. Together, we will dive into experience-based exercises that allow you to be in dialog with the deeper, more transformative leadership parts of yourself that once unburdened, can access a truer sense of Self-led energy.


I have experience and interest in working with adults with neurodiverse minds (also known as ADHD), mothers of neurodiverse children/young adults, abandonment issues, the mother wound, adult children of alcoholics, and individuals looking to have a deeper relationship with themselves. I have a light-hearted playful approach.

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