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Photo of Shannon Lowry

About Me

“It's easy to be a naive idealist. It's easy to be a cynical realist. It's quite another thing to have no illusions and still hold the inner flame.”

~ Marie-Louise von Franz

I am an Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner and researcher offering depth-oriented psychology coaching. I specialize in methods of engaging with the unconscious through experiential work. By becoming aware of our unconscious patterns, working with the body, and separating from our limiting beliefs, we can gain a more whole sense of self, foster a growth mindset, and promote wellbeing.


I have a Master's of Science in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology from Alef Trust / Liverpool John Moores University, UK. I am Level 1 trained in the Internal Family Systems model through the IFS Institute, and hold a Depth and Transpersonal Psychology coaching certification under Dr. Bonnie Bright, accredited through the International Association of Coaches, Therapists, and Mentors (IACTM).


I’ve been deeply influenced by the work of depth psychotherapist Satya Doyle Byock, and continue my study of analytical psychology and psychotherapy through her Salome Institute of Jungian Studies, as well as The Jung Center of Houston, the IFS Institute, and IFSCA, among others. I am grateful to learn and grow and be in the above communities, including my long-standing women’s group of nineteen years. 

In my free time, I like to explore and appreciate local artists’ work, take spontaneous day trips, and enjoy walks on the greenbelt. I like to laugh and enjoy time together with my family, friends, and our fifteen-year-old rescue pup. I often suffer from biophilia - a feeling of wonder and love for nature and all living things. 


To get to know me a bit better, you can read some of my work in the Resources section.


Master of Science - Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology


• IFS Institute - Level 1 trained (90+ hours)

• IFS Institute - Online Circle (6 month program)

• IFSCA Advance Weekend Training (Legacy Burdens + Self Energy)

• IFSCA Stepping Stones - IFS-Informed certification (4 month program)

• PESI - Transcending Trauma + IFS with Frank Anderson

• Salome Institute - Dreamwork with Satya Doyle Byock

• Salome Institute - Working The Unconscious with Satya Doyle Byock

• Soul-Centered Coaching Psychology certification (year long program)

• Creativity and Transformation with Dr. Jessica Bockler


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