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How Clients are finding the work helpful

"Shannon is a skilled and compassionate practitioner. She has both a warm and genuine presence and a grounded wisdom that tells me I am in good hands. I never feel judged and appreciate her keen intuition in always asking the right questions to help me. With Shannon's skill and support I have experienced multiple transformative sessions over the last few months that have truly been life changing!"


"Working with Shannon has been one of the highlights of my healing journey. She is able to ask insightful questions in a caring and professional way, and I always feel that she is looking out for my highest good. As a healing practitioner myself I understand how important it is to hold neutral and caring space for a person to delve into their vulnerable spots. The integrity and depth with which Shannon approaches her sessions with me underscores how compassionate of a person she is at her core. In addition IFS as a modality is so incredibly potent and dovetails with the shamanic work I am drawn to incredibly well."


"I highly recommend working with Shannon if you, like me, have scars from the past that negatively affect your life. Shannon gently guides me to understand myself and process my past. At the end of each session, I experience an unburdening from trauma that I thought would always plague my daily life. No more! Shannon‘s methods show me how to trust myself and release my patterns that cause depression, shame, and lack of self-worth. These shifts occurred in a remarkably short time, and now I’m happier than I ever thought possible. There is still work to do, so I will continue working our work. I am forever grateful to Shannon."


"Shannon came highly recommended from a trusted and respected friend in the professional healing field. After getting to know Shannon through her website and research papers I felt confident it would be a good fit and I embarked on my IFS journey.  Through soft guidance, she helped me arrive deeply in my body, enabling me to quickly identify areas of discomfort related to past trauma that could then be unravelled through the unburdening process with curiosity and compassion. When I felt like I was hitting a plateau, Shannon was there to offer prompts and guidance to build my confidence and help me stay present in my body. Throughout the sessions I experienced vivid imagery, regained more presence in my body, a better understanding of the burdens of my parts and the tools to develop trusting relationships with them. The strong foundation built through the sessions, in addition to the exercises and readings recommended by Shannon helped me establish the necessary skills to confidently interact with my parts regularly on my own.  I recommend Shannon to anyone who would like a deeper understanding of themselves, their parts and the healing power of IFS."


"Shannon is a wonderful practitioner - she is kind, compassionate, and very skilled in the IFS model. I have felt totally comfortable being myself with her, and she has helped guide me through unburdening work that has released old patterns that had felt stuck for a long time. Our work together has had lasting impacts on the overall sense of ease that I feel in my life."


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